January  10, 2001

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Still Thinking Out Loud

Greetings Watchers!

Well, I got another letter today from a watcher, and in answering it I began to think about our time again, and it spilled out onto these pages. Hope you enjoy my thoughts. 


Dear Brother Sal,

How wonderful are your letters. I thank God that you are feeling better and writing such wonderful articles. I pray that all of the trial is behind you and will bother you no more.

In Christ Love, J 


Hi J!

Thank you for your note. It's always a blessing to me to hear from you. You are truly one of the people that I have reached and I praise the Lord for you.

I am back to work, but the devil hasn't finished with me yet. I just got a big shot in the arm from the Holy Spirit. Which is what I had been praying for. But, the devil is still plaguing me with money problems. He is keeping everyone's purses shut tight. I haven't even seen or heard from my usually loyal group who never forget this Ministry. 

Even though the check book is empty, I know that the Lord will provide, or He's firing me! I don't think He's firing me, so what it means is that God is letting the devil test me to my limits. I hope that doesn't mean living in the streets. No, I doubt that will happen. God has never left me begging in all the years that I have been working for him. Besides, I couldn't get to a computer if I were living in the streets.

But it get's disheartening to work at something 15 hours a day or more, and then seldom hear from anyone, even when you ask specific question and ask specifically for answers. I feel abandoned sometimes.

I think you can understand, because you are stuck inside all the time. I haven't been out of this room but for about two weeks total in the past 4.5 years. And all I can show for it is 600 people who apparently listen, but hardly say anything, nor support the saying of it. There are the few, but the job is bigger than those few can handle.

So, it seems that the Lord has other places from which He intends to support this worker. There are many things pending for this Ministry right now, so maybe one of them will come together. But what the Holy Spirit is telling me is to never mind that, just get to work and let the Lord do His thing!

The urge to teach this message is getting stronger by the minute! That's why the devil is working overtime on me. And the Holy Spirit is telling me is that's it critical right now to be out there.

I knew 2nd Esdras would be a good teaching, because modern history proves the prophecy is about what it claims, and it is accurate to the nth degree. So, whether it's a part of scripture or not is not the question as to it's validity as a prophecy that obviously continues the prophecy of Daniel, as it narrows it down to one Empire, and exposes how it will develop over it's time.

That is just more knowledge to place onto the Landscape of the End Times, so the picture gets a little clearer. I think that's the most important thing about this prophecy. Not that it would or could change any other part of God's word, but there is nothing in the prophecy that is subversive. It's simply the explanation of the fourth kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar's dream, Rome. Just as Babylon fell to Medo-Persia, and it had a description of it's time, and when Daniels prophecy narrows to only two of the four kingdoms that came out of the Grecian kingdom, it had it's explanation.

Now in Ezra, Rome is taken out of the context for which it's being shown to Daniel. He sees this kingdom in the light of how it oppressed Israel, because the Angel telling Daniel about this, is there to tell him about Judah's future, and he is shown Rome's part in it from that perspective. That's why the gap wasn't seen by Daniel. He got the whole message. Like seeing the whole mountain range from afar. They all blend into one purple mountain. But, as you get closer you can see the valleys between.

But Rome is an important part of the prophecy, in the future, so it's singled out as Grecia and Medo-Persia were in Daniel. But, because this explanation is not in Daniel only says that it's importance in the story down the line, when ever Rome appears again, it's for another reason. Otherwise Daniel would have been given the word on them for the future, but he wasn't.

There is some other capacity for Rome in the future, but what is it? God told Ezra about it. I wonder why He did that. Why did He picked a different prophet in a different time (whether or not Ezra wrote it, the test of a prophet is what he says happens) to make known the fourth beast of Brother Daniel? Why did he bring into focus the path that the Roman Empire took as it moved across the landscape in time, on it's journey to reach the end times?

It is one of God's most fascinating and revealing prophecies, demonstrating once again, His absolute control. God's demonstration of His control through time is the greatest faith builder there is. None of the other sooth sayers in time have a record like God's prophets! In time, everything they say happens! And it always happens right on time! How do I know they are right on time? Because God has a "set time" for everything, and those set times were given to the Jews to keep forever in their history, to direct them, so they would recognize the Messiah when they saw him. But they didn't, because their way of life had become a religion, and their focus was blurred by the time he came on the scene.

So Paul says that those "set times" were cast as shadows into the future of the Church by none other than Jesus, The Christ. But it was Jesus who fulfilled the law in casting those shadows, so the action is complete. That signifies that the value to the future lies in the fact that they are completed, and what and how they were completed. They are promises of God to the Church in the future of His salvation. Because Jesus comes through the chosen people, their "set times" (which are the landscape of the Messiah) are promised to the Church, because Christ came to redeem the world, not just the Jews. So, the messages saved until the end times, are messages to the people of that time.

I think most people forget that it all about time. Our feet are glued in time, and we move along with it as it passes over the landscape. If we are the people who are living in the time when that landscape comes to the time described in the prophecies as the "end times", then these messages are for you.

Now I'm not saying that I have all the answers, and I don't ask anyone to believe a word of it. What I do ask is, that if you feel that I've made a scriptural case for this viewpoint, I want you consider it and watch the scene on the stage of world history right now, wearing "Daniel glasses", and then be moved to action based upon how God moves you. This is not a matter of being right or wrong. It's a matter of awareness. Like I said once, if I knew that a lightening bolt was going to hit a red headed person, and I had red hair, I wouldn't just dye my hair, I'd dye it and then shave it off!

I'm not here to talk about the Missions of others. If there are some that are so entrenched in their feelings or what ever their motivation is, to not consider the reality of the landscape as it relates to history and prophecy, all I can comment about it is that God is in control.

I'm not making any claims. I am reading scripture as a story and taking what it says as literal and checking it against the scene on the stage of history in the time in which we live. And when we happened upon Sir Isaac Newton in our studies, and came across his words of the end times, it was and explosive confirmation to what we were doing.

We had long ago been called of God, but that was confirmation to us of why we were called. We had gained the knowledge from years of study in that exact way. Applying the literal translation of the prophecies to the landscape, and watching time move across it until the inevitable began to happen. And we began to write and tell about it in 1993 after 13 years of watching. By 1996, sixteen years into the watch, it became evident, but only if you were a history buff. We began the Ministry in January of 1996 and have never stopped telling our unchanging story. And, history has taken us to exactly where the prophecies predict. So far in fact, that now, with only a superficial knowledge of the prophecies and history one can really see it.

The time is upon us folks, and whether it is the final time, depends on exactly that - time. God has a set time, because this plan was conceived before the foundation of the world. He set the time on the Jews calendar, for them to keep, so the message God was giving would show them the Messiah! Now that message belongs to us, the Church. And what I'm saying is that this message is not being given much time by the Church, because of the priority Pastors give it. I think that a lot of Pastors stay away from it because the subject is controversial and getting more so with each passing day, as what they had felt to be reliable, history is showing to be erroneous, so they don't know what to believe. Pastors are busy people by the nature of their jobs. They have a lot to do, and it's right that they should use the studies of the learned of the day in the education of their flocks. 

But, now it getting down to the nitty gritty, and hoards of people are feeling it. Enough so that fictional movies, supposedly to introduce the subject to the masses, is the best selling stuff. Why? Why do we have to resort to fiction? To the unbelievers, seeing a fairy tale about a mythical subject, is laughable. So it didn't do any good for them. To the Christian who is sitting on the fence, not knowing which way to go, it looked like no one really knows about any thing, because it was so vague and inconclusive, so they're just as much in the dark as to the truth of the matter as ever. And, to the Christian who believes in the Rapture, I think it left the wrong impression. Any way, that's my evaluation of it. But, I hope it wakes up people to seek out the truth of the matter.

But, we have the real thing available to us. We don't have to fictionalize a word of it. It tells a much more intriguing story and lays down a track to follow in real time right up to the day the warning comes that tells us that there are only 40 days left to make up our minds! Just like Nineveh! Not just like Noah! 

He never warned the people of Noah's day, because He wanted them dead! But, He sent a warning to Nineveh, because He wanted them alive, to be a testament, to us, in the last days, to look back on, to verify what other scripture has told us. Remember, He sent that warning with a man that typified His son and the work that He did to save the world, and He casts it as a shadow into the future so that the people of that time, way down the line in the future, would have a way to follow that shadow right back to the one who is casting it, Christ, and know by that, the meaning of His words.

That warning is the last knock on the door that's revealed in, where else, Revelation 3:20. "Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I overcame and am set down with my father in his throne. He that hath and ear, let him hear what the Spirit (Holy Spirit) saith unto the churches.

Right there, that's the warning. At the end of the warning period, the age of the Church is over. In Noah's time it began to rain, and then they knew, but it was too late. The door on the ark was closed. This time, before the door closes, there is a raising of the dead in Christ, a warning time, that destruction is only 40 days down the road, then a gathering together, or a catching away of the living body of Christ! But, a lot of the Church are sleeping right now. Lulled to sleep by the "back burner" status of the subject, because of the absurdity of it's fictional nature. 

So, time is showing that the devil is winning the war there! But, God will have his warning. He will raise His body to life, and will have many voices making the final call to the covenant of Jesus, The Christ, that had been open to all men, which forty days hence will close for all time. According to scripture, it closes with a gathering together and a meeting in the clouds and life with Jesus forever.

Revelation 4: After that I looked, (After what? After that warning was up) and, behold a door opened in heaven, and the first voice which I heard, as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, "Come up hither, and I will show you the things which must happen after these thing". After which things? After the things of the last warning that was just given.

And according to Paul, in the twinkling of an eye it's all over for the Church on earth, and just the beginning of the body in heaven, and just the beginning for those left behind on earth. Just that quick, it over! No different than when Noah closed the door to that ark. At that moment, there's them on the inside looking out, and then there's them on the outside with no where to look.

And the next time the redeemed are heard from is in the 5th chapter of Revelation when they are singing their song of the redeemed in heaven, before Jesus opens the first seal in Revelation 6 which releases the opening event of the Great Tribulation. Then of course they are in the light that is Christ, as He returns to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords in His Kingdom on earth in Revelation 19.

Those chapters, between 6 and 19, are all going on here on earth to the people left behind. The prophecies center it in the Mideast, on the land described by Daniel as the territory of the Bear, Medo-Persia. It was Daniel's word that God sealed to be seen only in it's time, so if you want to see if Daniel is in fact occurring on the stage of present day history, to verify if we are in the end time, you have to look to the territory of the Bear - Medo-Persia, and see what's going on there.

And, if you want to see how it got to be from then to now, so you can trace the landscape across time, then you have to take a comprehensive look at the prophecies from the end time perspective relative to present time. It's relatively easy to do, because it's all history, therefore it all hindsight. 

Our study, "The Prophecy of Daniel, The Book of Revelation, The Rapture of the Church and the Mideast Today", was written especially as a study taught from that perspective. I'd get a copy right away if I had the slightest bit of interest in the end times.

That's why it's so important that all Christians take this study. It's the knowledge base that you need to makes it so much easier to understand the message that is in scripture, but was sealed until we reached the time of Daniel's word.

What ever we knew about end time prophecy before, we must reexamine them now in the light of the time, if we want to hear the message spoken to the people of that time. That sealed word cannot reveal it's meaning until it time, so if it's time, then there is a meaning there that we have never been exposed to before, so it better be examined!

This reminds me of neutrino's. You know, those little tiny things, that physicists know about, so small that they can't be seen. But they knew they were there, so they figured out a way to measure them to prove it. When it worked, then they knew for sure they were there, even if they couldn't see the critters, but once they knew they were there, they immediately went to work to figure out what they tells us, and what we can do with the knowledge of them.

Heck, those neutrino's were always there. They didn't just pop into existence! We just found them, that' all. And when we did, we were curious about them, and began to ask questions. They were something new, so we had to know.

All that scripture is already there! There is no new scripture being written by any new prophets. We are in the last days, not the first days! It's to us that the messages of the last days were written, we're the ones that are saying we are in the end times. 

God's manner is to make things known in their time, to the people they effect. So, if we say that we are in the end times, then, we are the people that it's going to effect, so don't you think we should be searching for the promised enlightened understandings of the words that are already in the scripture, and see if there are any words that God has to say to the people of that time, that are now unlocked by virtue of it being the "end times"? We owe that much to ourselves. Do you think that knowing the answers will destroy your faith, or build a brick wall around it so no one can tear it down?

God said, "The truth will set you free!", not bind you up!

A watcher asked me if I think I'm right about this. The answer to his question is, YES! Do you think that I would be teaching this if I thought I was wrong? 

Now, does that mean that I am right to the exclusion of everyone else on earth who doesn't teach this, or who disagrees with it? NO! What I'm saying is that when it comes to the prophecies of the end times, there are certain questions that have to be asked, and that I don't hear many asking those questions, or giving what they have found to be the answers to those questions.

Does that make it any less true? NOT IN MY OPINION, IT DOESN'T! What that says to me is that they haven't taken the time to look. Because if they had, they would have seen the same thing. It's that obvious! I'm not making any of this stuff up. I'm not twisting and stretching the scriptures to fit what I'm saying. I'm just reading them and taking what they say literally, and then running the end time landscape over them. I'm not making it fit! It's doing that on it's own. It's becoming that obvious to many of you now, because you have taken the time to study the course. Imagine if these learned gentlemen of the cloth would study it, how fast they would see what's happening!

Am I saying that I'm the only one who has? NO! But, I am saying that I'm the only one I know of who is telling you that you are someone special - picked out by God - to hear and support this message - because, God had Sir Isaac Newton rationalize that one day, a body of men would be needed to raise up and insist that the prophecies be taken literally, if we were going to see the message, and that it would be amongst much clamor and opposition. So, get ready for the opposition if you're going to be around us! And, if you're going to be around us, remember, we are all on the same team, so we need to support the movement of the word as we move it forward and disarm the opposition along the way.

Oh, I don't care for that! Well, you should! Because giving is part of the trip. I taught you that in the tabernacle teaching about the table of show breads. With all the bread that God gave them every day, He asked that they return a loaf of it from each tribe each week to Him. Why, why did He do that? I certainly hope you know the answer to that.

My sincerest and humblest thanks to those who are helping me. You know that I know who you are, and how much I love you for it. Keep it up.

Thank you for listening and God bless all of you.

God bless.

Your Brother in Christ
Sal from CHN

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