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Greetings Watchers!

With the Mideast news in neutral as far as leaks to the press about peace, Saddam’s madness, the King’s visitors, and about Arafat running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I thought you might enjoy part 1 of the part III of my teaching on the Book Revelation.

Please continue to pray for the speedy recovery of our sister Marion Epperson.

As you all know, I teach to support this Ministry’s work, and it’s really important at this time to reach as many people as we can with this historical understanding, because we are witnesses in time, stuck in the glue of time, being dragged by it across the landscape of the Biblical end times. According to the Word, these folks in the Mideast are running out of options!  They all know that no one wins in an all out war, so peace is what they are seeking.  But, peace is cessation of againstness, so it’s got to get real bad for peace to become mandatory.

The three lame brains that would rather fight than switch either have to shut their mouths and go home with their tail tucked firmly between their legs, or launch an attack.  The Word says attack. The Word says peace before the attack, and the Word says Rapture before the peace.

If you’re not watching, start.  If you are watching, get a friend to watch with you.  Support the work of this Ministry.  You are all part of the body of men that will be raised up in the end time that will insist on the literal translation of the prophecies.  So said Sir Isaac Newton.  But he also said that it would be amidst much clamor and opposition.

We fight that opposition everyday.  Sometime we are weary at the end of the day from fighting it.  That’s why it’s important that I know that there is a class listening out there in cyber land.

As you have seen, our teaching is gaining recognition for long time established, credible Eschatologists.  Bible Colleges are citing it in there classes. Before long, we will grow to be a very large voice, and by we, I mean all of us. Don’t stop for a minute keep studying and learning and then pass on the light. 

This Church of ours, yours and mine, has no ulterior motives.  We believe what we teach, and are sincere in it’s presentation.  Our requests for offerings are based upon the Biblical principal of giving to the storehouse where you get your meat, and the proceeds are use for the needs of the Church. Our Church was determined by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization.

All of your offerings are support offerings that help us carry on for Christ.  We offer our teachings on CD ROM as our thanks in return.  We want every one of our brothers and sisters to have a copy of the teaching.  For those who can only offer prayers, we accept those gratefully, as there are always those who give a little extra for just that reason.

Giving is part of the trip so remember as always, when you give, give hilariously, because the Lord loves a hilarious giver and promises to pour down a blessing on him that cannot be contained!  I certainly wish that blessing on my entire congregation.

Thank you for listening and God bless.


Your brother in Christ,

Sal from CHN





As I have said many times in this and past teachings, I can't see how anyone can say they believe in the Bible, and not believe in demons. There is one Devil, Satan, Lucifer, but there are many demons.

The Bible tells us that there is a princely hierarchy in the fallen spirit world that ranges from the Prince of the Power of the Air, to Locust Demons that come out of the Pit. And scripture distinguishes between them.

The Bible is full of reports of encounters with demons. And, as an illustration of their abilities and understandings, I like citing the example that is recorded in Mark, and Luke concerning the time that Jesus came upon a demon possessed man in the country of the Gaterines.

Those demons in that man recognized Jesus for who He was. Jesus asked, "what is thy name?" and the answer was, "Legion", because many demons were entered into him. And they besought Jesus not to send them into the Abyss, but rather into the herd of pigs in the field next to them. And you all know the story; the pigs wouldn't have them, and ran off and drowned themselves.

The point is that demons in the spirit world exist, have the ability to invade and occupy people by as many as legions at a time, they're smart, and their "jail" is the Abyss.

Now, in Daniel, we find an Angel, Gabriel by name, coming to bring Daniel a message concerning a 490 year history of the Jews and Jerusalem, and telling Daniel that he had heard his prayer twenty one days prior, and had been delayed twenty one days in getting there, because of being detained by the Prince of Persia.  He was a supernatural demonic Prince that was the spiritual leader of the Medo-Persian territory.

Gabriel told him that it would have taken longer to get there, but he enlisted the Prince designated to the Jews, Michael, to help him out, and get the necessary "clearances" to enter Prince Persia's domain.

But then he told Daniel that when he returned, he and Michael were going to subdue the Prince of Persia, and he would be no more, but lo, the Prince of Grecia would come.

A new spiritual ruler would be taking over that territory.  And, in history, Alexander the Great comes on the scene, and sweeps up the Medo-Persian Empire with little resistance. Alexander’s power came from the spiritual force that ruled that territory, The Prince of Grecia.

But when Alexander died, those who inherited his kingdom did not rule in his power. There was a time, when there was a vacuum in the territory, waiting to suck in another powerful spiritual Prince. During that time, the tracks are laid that point directly into the future.

The head, where the mouth is, is established in Babylon, and the territory where the final drama plays out, is established where the feet of the bear are planted, the Medo-Persian Empire.

Under Babylon, the Jews are captured and put into bondage. Under Medo-Persia, the Jews are allowed to return to rebuild Jerusalem & the Temple and resume their life within their own little Theocracy within the Medo-Persian Empire. It is at this time that the decree is given to rebuild Jerusalem, that is the key, to the time to start the clock on the seventy weeks.

The Grecians didn't oppress the Jews much. Before he died, Alexander moved his capital from Alexandria to Baghdad, keeping the mouth in Babylon. As Alexander has no children to succeed him, His generals inherit his kingdom, so it breaks it into four parts.

Two of those parts become prominent; The Ptolemy's; Egypt, and The Seleucid's, who took the northern part of the kingdom. Their territory includes western Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, and a portion of southern Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan.

It is into this area that the new super power rises. The Romans, with their evil Prince, comes on the scene, and dominates the world during their rule with harshness and grinding of Law.

But later, Rome adopts a new posture in the world, it embraces Christianity and becomes the Holy Roman Empire and is ruled by Constantine out of the east, in Constantinople, ruling over the territory once ruled by the Grecian generals who divided up Alexander’s Kingdom. All of a sudden, history arrives at a time, when a Holy Roman Emperor from Constantinople is ruling the Old Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great.

During Rome's conquest of that territory, one of her generals won the territory claimed by Alexander's general Seleucus, and placed a tax on the people to pay for the war.

God recorded that event in Daniel, and used it to name the place from which a future vial person, who gets identified as Antichrist, will come from.

That same territory comes into prominence again when God uses it to show where the Antichrist will rule.

Nebuchadnezzar's image depicts four more kingdoms that arise out of Babylon. The last of those kingdoms does not appear on the stage of history until after six of the kingdoms, that had oppressed Israel, would have come and passed from the scene.

Revelation 17 numbers them for you, and history names them. The angel showing John this scene in Revelation 17 says; " . . . The beast that thou sawest was, is not and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit . . . ".

That meant, that the beast, identified as a kingdom, was, at one time, is not, at that time, but its jailed former leader shall ascend, in the future, and become the 8th kingdom to oppress Israel, and he will become the 8th, by possessing the 7th kingdoms King.

That 7th Kingdom is identified as the one coming after five that had fallen, after the one that is, Rome at the time, which is the sixth, and the one that was yet to come, which would be the 7th.

The five fallen kingdoms that had oppressed Israel were; 1. Egypt; 2. Assyria; 3. Babylon; 4.  Medo-Persia and 5. Grecia. The one that was, number six, was Rome, and the one yet to come was not known at that time.

Well, now it is said that we are in the end times. That means that we should be able to look back in time, and follow all these empires and their rulers and their events, and determine if a 7th kingdom has in fact risen on that land that was once Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia and Rome.

What history reflects is that the 7th kingdom to grow over that same territory was the Moslem Empire, ruled by the founder from his kingdom whose borders lie within the borders of the Seleucid Kingdom, which was later controlled by Rome.

That Kingdom, the Kingdom of Muhammad, the Hashemite Kingdom, ruled the Moslem Empire but for a short space, as Muhammad dies, and within a year, the empire split and has never again been the same.

But the Hashemite Kingdom survived, and were the keepers of Mecca and Medina and all the Holy places of the Moslems for over 1,100 years as the generations of Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah, their one true God, continues into the modern times.

Today the Hashemite Kingdom is misplaced in Jordan. A land once called Palestine and claimed as part of Syria. Huh! How did that happen?

In 1921, after the "Arabs" (many different Bedouin tribes), helped the British win the Ottoman war against the Turks, they (the British) wound up indiscriminately dividing up the territory without regard for the established territorial boundaries of the Arab bands. In other words, the Arabs were double-crossed.

The British gave Iraq to the reigning Hashemite, but took the 700-year control of Mecca and the holy shrines of the Moslems, and gave it to the Saudi's and gave Palestine (by then called Trasjordan) to Abdullah, the Hashemite Kings brother.

The French formed a Christian territory out of part of Syria and named it Lebanon, and reserved a portion of the land of Palestine to be the future state of Israel.

When Israel becomes formal in 1948, it's no wonder the game was afoot. The British, along with the Americans, who by now had gained control of the Saudi Oil, backed the formation of the Independent State of Israel.

Here was the British stirring up the kettle again. The rest is modern history.

The Hashemite=s are wiped out of existence by the UAR (Syria & Egypt) in 1958. They assassinate Abdullah, the next in the Hashemite line, and the throne goes to Hussein, then 18.  They try to kill him for his entire life, but he becomes the longest reigning monarch on earth.

His vow is to put Hashemite rule back into power in Iraq and regain the control of the Holy Shrines as the living descendants of Muhammad.

King Hussein builds on his fragile position in history by becoming friends with Israel and Israel's friends. His conquest for peace in the region is relentless, as he is in constant jeopardy of losing his throne in Jordan. He is hailed by the Israeli people as the Prince of Peace, setting the stage for him to appear on the stage as the Peacemaker of Revelation 6, but alas, he does not live long enough to fulfill the role.

He names his eldest son, Abdullah, as successor before his death, and now the son, the new Hashemite King, the forty third descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, has taken his place on the modern day stage.

History and Scripture have identified the Moslem Empire as the 7th Kingdom, out of which the beast from the bottomless pit arises and possess the heretofore benevolent King, that gets his reconstituted Hashemite throne, from the 10 kings out of the Roman portion of the Moslem Empire, and begins his reign on that land in the heart of the Medo-Persian Empire, speaking great things from the dragon, out of the mouth of Babylon. And, he will move swiftly as the Leopard as he strikes out against God's people, Israel, and conquers Egypt, setting up his throne in Jerusalem.

The rise of the Little Horn of Daniel to full power takes three and a half years from the time of the opening of the first seal in revelation 6. During that rise, 3 dissenting kings from the 10 that opted for peace will be uprooted, and the remainder will give him their backing. A false church led by a false prophet will sing his praises.

Then the possession will take place, the 8th ruler will be in place, abominate the temple, turn on the Jews and double cross what everyone had perceived to be the plan, and the second half of the tribulation, known as the Great tribulation the Great is underway.

But, these beasts that are symbolized in Revelation, and in Daniel, are not always representing the same entity. The Antichrist is made up of three parts. Satan, the great imitator at work once again.  Antichrist is the physical earthly man.  Antichrist is also a government, and finally Antichrist is the spirit from out of the Abyss that rules with words out of Satan's mouth.  How do we know who is who in the prophecy?

Lets start with the beast that was, and is not, and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit. This beast is not the earthly Antichrist, and is not the earthly kingdom. The vehicle for this beast will be Antichrist, and will be his kingdom. But the 7th kingdom does not come out of the bottomless pit. Antichrist the person doesn't come out of the bottomless pit.

Don't look for somebody to be shot in the head, judged by a doctor to be dead, then come alive, and then say, Oh, here's the Antichrist! This beast is out of the bottomless pit. The bottomless pit is where the demons Jesus cast out for the Gaterines didn't want to go! This is a demon in the pit. Who is he? He's the Prince of Grecia.

He is the beast that was. He gave power to Alexander to defeat the Medo-Persian's, after the angel that came to Daniel defeated the Prince of Persia. He was, and is not. Why not?  Because John is writing on the isle of Patmos, and the Prince of Rome is ruling, and the Prince of Grecia had been conquered, and is no more. Where is he? He's where he's going to come from.

He's in the Abyss, locked up. Sent there to the Abyss. The Gaterines demons didn't want to be sent there. He was sent there.

He was, as he ruled Grecia, he is not in John's time, but he shall ascend out of the bottomless pit. He will come forth again, in the last days, to empower Antichrist and to empower the final kingdom. That is why I say that the Antichrist will come out of the Seleucid portion of the Old Grecian Empire/conquered by Rome, uproot three from out of that Roman area, the others will give him their newly acquired power and Antichrist's Kingdom will be reborn.

And he will be empowered by the demon Prince or Grecia, as Cyrus of Medo-Persia, was empowered by the Prince of Persia. He was, and is not and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit and go into perdition, and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life, from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was - when he ruled Greece - and is not - because Rome was ruling while John was writing this, and yet is . . . because he's going to be turned loose again.

Now here is the mind, which hath wisdom -, now we get to my first question - what are the seven heads and the ten horns?

The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits, and there are seven kings, five are fallen. We discussed that earlier.

Now, this seventh kingdom - The Hashemite Kingdom - gets its power at the time from the seven kings left after the uprooting. Hence, the Antichrist's Kingdom's actual land area will be supported by their combined strength, accounting for the rebirth of the true Hashemite Kingdom.

He wins it by cunning and flattery, and is given a crown in honor. I wonder if that honor crown is reestablishment of their rightful position as overseers of Mecca and all the holy shrines of the Moslems. Fully restored to the throne, and now spiritually ruled and ready to take revenge on God's people.

It requires peace to accomplish this plan in this day and age. Peace, including temple mount rights are on center stage in the area of the Medo-Persian Empire today.

The hatred between the King of the north - the Hashemite - and the King of the south - Egypt - Mubarak - is still going on. The hatred includes Syria, as it was Egypt and Syria that formed the UAR and murdered the Hashemites and grabbed what little rule they had left after Briton's careless split up of the Mideast following the Ottoman war.

Syria hates the Hashemite=s because they now own Palestine which was Syrian territory. The Palestinians are displaced by Jordan and Israel and are the center of the controversy. The Saudi's take good care of Mecca, but the Hashemite=s want it back as is proper, The Jews want security and a temple, the west want stability and control of the oil.

Iran will be friendly and not play a large role until the final days. So, that leaves only two territories that need to be straightened out to make this deal for peace.

Palestine and Iraq, and Jordan is sitting in the middle of that controversy. Jordan is also sitting in the middle of the Israeli, Palestinian controversy, and right in the middle of the Syrian Palestinian/Israeli controversy.

Syria claims Lebanon because they say the French had no right to establish a Christian territory in Syria. The French did so to establish a Christian presence in the Mideast.

The false deliverer is the guy who can straighten out that mess to everyone's satisfaction. And, you can't do that without knocking a couple of guys off. Syria & Iraq for sure, Libya because he is against the peace and winds up at the feet of the Antichrist.

The key seems to be Jordan. If the support were to go to Jordan to reestablish the Hashemite Kingdom in Iraq, and Jordan would relinquish in some manner to Palestine, Syria would give up Lebanon for the Golan, and Israel will feel secure with that deal as long as the temple is included. Everyone is already agreeing to Jerusalem being a shared capital. All that smells like peace to me. Ah, but a false peace, as it only lasts three and a half years.

What am I saying by all of this? Simply that the modern stage of history got here out of the prophesied past. It is not just jumping up and appearing, as some people seem to think that it will happen. 

The spirit of Antichrist was at work in Paul's day. We happen to live in a time when this is where we are in prophesied time. The peace is in final status talks. Delayed for sure, but up to final status.

We can actually envision a time when this peace might be accomplished in the not too distant future. But there seems to be a restraining force, keeping it from happening. How much longer can it take? That's why we watch. We know when He comes; He's coming in Spring for the Church.

We saw in Part I that the church is caught away before the 6th seal opens. We teach that the Rapture occurs in fulfillment of the Ascension of Jesus. Each year the anniversary of the Ascension occurs 40 days after the Feast of First fruits, and 10 days prior to Pentecost.

I believe that scripture clearly shows that many of the dead in Christ that rise first will rise on First fruits and be seen by many for 40 days. If that were so, then the warning sign of the Rapture would be that for sure. So, watch! God knew what He was talking about when He commanded us to Watch, and put a reward up for those who do, so, heed His word, and Watch!

There are still a lot of unanswered questions, but we are getting the answers together. I'm learning it at the same speed as you. We are learning it together, as we watch together, because we are all in the same time.

This is as close as we have ever been. Watch and enjoy the play.

I started out to show you how to tell which one of the three parts of the Antichrist you are seeing when you are reading about the beasts, but the spirit took us in another direction, as often happens.


Thank you for listening and God bless all of you.

God bless.

Your Brother in Christ
Sal from CHN

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