January 9, 2001

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Just Thinking Out Loud

Greetings Watchers!

"What do you think about the peace proposal and about the rally for lack of a better word, scheduled for Thursday 1-11-01"

I received that question from a Watcher yesterday, and in answering it, I began to think about time and how much of it is left. You might find what I was thinking interesting.

Thank you for your note.

Earlier today I wrote my commentary on how I view the peace proposal, and the rally is just part of the scene. An event within the landscape during the time leading to the eventual peace. God's word of prophecy is the engine that's pulling the historical events to their final destination. It will be as God said it will be. So, we are stuck in the glue of time, as it moves across the landscape that was painted centuries ago.

We are the people living in the time of that centuries old prophecy. And, the prophecy tells the people of the time everything they need to know about God's plan to be cognizant and watchful as we begin to see the prelude events to the conclusion begin to appear in time.

We have holy scripture that defines our responsibilities at that time concerning our brothers and sisters. And, we have holy scripture that points to the reality of the catching away, and the warning sign that will precede it.

I think it's time for us to be watching very closely - closer than ever before. We can't tell exactly, but the "set" on the stage seems to be very precise, and that's what it will take for the time to be THE time. That's why God wants us to watch, so we see it coming. 

The reason the Hebrews in Egypt recognized Moses as their deliverer, was that they were aware of the prophecy of a deliverer in the fourth generation, and they knew which generation they were in, and they were watching for him.

The earth has been waiting 2,000 years for this time to come to pass. During that time the meaning of the prophecies about the return of Christ are just as lost and misused and mistranslated, as they were at the first coming. He was missed then, and sadly, He will be missed again by many who never should have missed him.

How long do you think the "set" on the stage can stay in the exact same place before it moves on? The time window is narrow. The Messiah was cut off, resurrected and returned back to His Devine self in a total of 43 days. For forty of those days Jesus remained here on earth, and so did many of the dead that chose Christ and raised after him, and then they went home together on the 43rd day.

They all rose on the feast of First Fruits. That feast that is the promise of the full harvest yet to come. Fulfilled by Christ and the saints that rose after him, as the fruits of the first harvest become the promise of God to the Church, of the full harvest yet to come, to be fulfilled by Christ, in keeping with the time He Himself set on that Ascension day, as it's time, for it's fulfillment in a time when the landscape of the end time prophecies is spilling onto the stage of history.

That's why and when the Rapture will occur 40 days after First Fruits! But, there is still those risen saints to account for. Who were they, and what did they do during those 40 days? Well, I don't think they were walking around like movie zombies, scaring people to death.

Now, Jesus was appearing to people He knew, and showing them that He was alive and well. He had a point or two to make, and He made them. I could imagine that those raised saints were doing about the same thing. Probably explaining about what happened to them to people they knew, and probably enough of a curiosity to be sought after, for a look see, by friends of friends that they probably didn't know they had. Just 10 days after they went home with Jesus, it was Pentecost. Now we all know what happened that day; 3,000 lined up to be baptized in Jesus in Jerusalem, the place that just 5 weeks before they were screaming for His blood, while they set the murderer Barabas free.

The meaning I get out of the analysis of those days is that, first, there weren't very many of them. Now, scripture says, many. Logic says that if there had been a real big bunch of them, there would have been more than 3,000 lining up to get reborn. Communications during the Roman rule in the first century was very good. They could get a letter from Rome to any place in the Kingdom in a matter of a few days. The gossip around a city the size of Jerusalem, especially so soon after the crucifixion and the visitation of known dead, would have spread like wildfire. Everyone for miles around would know of, or have heard tales of living dead, who went with Jesus. But, no official information was available to them, because Peter and the apostles were in hiding. Even after having seen Jesus in the flesh again, risen, they still needed the visit by the Holy Spirit before they understood their role.

So, now we have a visit by the Holy Spirit, on Pentecost, who anoints in some way, those who are to carry the message, the good news of Jesus, the Messiah. And, similarly, scripture tells us that there will be two witnesses that will carry the message to the Jews, of the return of Christ, which would begin on Pentecost, 10 days after the full harvest.

Their first job will be to point out to the Jews that the earthly deliverer they placed their faith in is not exactly who he claims to be. And, the Bible says that you don't want to mess with these guys. They only have to think about it, and you're dead! But, that's after the Raptured are already watching this from heaven! In the mean time, the trouble for the Jews has just begun.

What all this tells me is that the Dead in Christ that rise will either be a small number, or only a small number of them draw this earth patrol duty. Either way, they will be the warning sign. And I suspect that it won't be much different than it was when it happened in Jerusalem. 

Now, since we know that the peace can't be concluded because it's an after the Rapture event, the mere existence of the Church stands in it's way. But it doesn't take long to get them out of the way. Paul said that it would happen in the twinkling of an eye. Now, an eye twinkles a lot faster than it bats, so you can imagine how quickly it over. And, once it's over, it's over! The age is ended, the promise is kept, and time on earth marches on.

I reviewed the movie, "Left Behind", the other night (gets a 0). But, it left me wondering who those people who were left behind, were praying to. And what was it that they expected from those prayers. Those who are left behind, have seven years of misery to live through, and if they make it, then welcome to the kingdom on earth. Being a martyr is the only other door. Scripture says, "just as in the days of Noah" . . . Once that ark's door closed, drowning was the only other option. Do you see how serious it is to know when you are actually in the time when this stuff comes to pass. When that door closes, there are no good options left!

Stay awake, and wake up others. Keep supporting this Ministry -- This message needs to be spread! Don't let Satan dissuade you, send an offering today. Remember, giving is part of the trip. Keep in mind the table of show breads. That's why the Lord loves a hilarious giver, and promises to pour down a blessing on him that he cannot contain. We survive on what God gives us to make it, and God has given us you! And you are a very special group! I don't think that many of you realize just how special you are. 

Consider that there is no one else on earth that is preaching the Rapture in the way God has it being shown to you. And, consider that God picked you, not me. You had to find us and then hear us. Was that by chance? In these last days I don't put any stock in chance. I've been doing this for too many years, and seen too much to ever think that it's anything but God being in control.

He called us to this Ministry over 20 years ago, with the sole purpose of watching the end time landscape of the Middle east while time passed over it, until the day we could clearly see that the stage was set and the days were short. That day was January 10, 1996, and this word on the Rapture began it's journey then.

I've said many times, that I teach prophecy for only one reason - to show that God's in control. And by seeing his control that is demonstrated in the prophecies that are coming to pass right before your very eyes, the understanding gained from that experience makes it easier to understand God's way of communication and through that gain the knowledge he as for us about our catching away, when it's presented. Whether you believe it or not, you've been exposed, so it won't take you like a thief in the night.  

 The people of Noah's time watched him build that boat for a lot of years, but they all drowned anyway. God was in control then, just like He is now. They all laughed at Noah's explanation until it began to rain. But, God wanted them all dead, so he gave them a strong delusion and they believed a lie, and were damned

In the case of the Rapture, God wants you alive! In the case of Nineveh, God wanted them alive, so he gave them a chance, and sent them a warning, given by a man who typified Christ, for forty days, which caused them to repent and be saved. And then He gave Jonah as the only sign of the Messiah.

Well, Christ is coming back. With a two fold purpose. First to catch away His body, then on to fulfill the remaining feasts of, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles, for the Jews, fulfilling His promise to them.

As I said, God wants you alive. He demonstrates that by first raising all those who died in Him, back to life, before He catches us away. God also wants the Jews & Tribes alive. That's why He marks 144,000 of them and catches them away, and hides those who take His WARNING and flee to the place prepared for them by God.

Now, what's His warning to those people? Scripture says God gives them two witnesses. And, I imagine that seeing their death and resurrection and ascension will play a major role in their decision making. So, just like Nineveh, they get a warning.

So, there are warnings throughout God's word, which tells us that when He wants someone alive, it's in His plan, and He gives warnings. And well demonstrated is the fact that those who heed the warning are alive because they did, and those who don't are always un-alive, because they didn't!

Life and death is always the issue. Our catching away is a life and death matter. Eternal Life and Eternal Death. And God wants everyone alive. That means that God will have a Warning. That's why He raises the dead in Christ first, so he has everyone alive. Then in the twinkling of an eye, He snatches home His living body. 

When this happened the first time, it began on the feast of First Fruits, and ended forty days later at the ascension, and 10 days later on Pentecost, the completion of the feast of First Fruits, the word went forth with the new offering that Jesus was the Messiah, and 3,000 rallied to Him on the first day.

During that forty days Jesus and many of the dead that rose with Him were seen in the Holy City, alive. Jesus spends the final days of His earthly existence, until He comes again, appearing to people and giving them messages. Solidifying their faith and promising His return. And, amongst them in the Holy City were others who had raised after Christ, carrying messages, indeed, being a message in themselves. Then, at the appointed time, 40 days after they arose from their graves, they all ascended to heaven.

Paul tells the Church that the feasts of the Jews are but the shadows cast of things to come for them, but that the substance of those shadows is Christ.

The day everyone rose was on The feast of First Fruits, which to the Jews represents, the promise of the full harvest yet to come. But as something to come, now promised to the Church, it represents the Rapture. The promised full harvest. Before Christ, the feast represented a promise. But, fulfilled in Christ it's a fact. Just like when prophecy becomes history. It's done. The price is paid. The law and the prophecies fulfilled. Now, on Pentecost, the end of First Fruits, it's a time of a new offering of the completed product. And Jesus is offered as the completed Messiah, having been born a man, fulfilled the laws and the prophecy, and raised back to His divinity. 

"And He came to His own, and His own received Him not." So, the promise of the feasts, which means, set times, are cast as shadows of things to come in the future for the Church, with the caster of those shadows being Christ.

The whole landscape of the catching away is painted in what occurred during those 50 days, beginning on First Fruits, and bound directly to their meaning. Coincidence? I don't think so. We say this book is God's word? Then this is God talking to us. And He's using the same language that He's always used to talk to us.

Paul prophesies that the dead in Christ will rise first. Then, in the twinkling of an eye all the living in Christ will be caught away. We just looked at that with the original cast! Now Paul, the one who called the feasts, shadows of things to come, is telling the Thessalonian Church, that's what we can expect, in fact, that's how it will happen. But Paul didn't know when. The timing for it was locked up in Daniel, awaiting it's time.

So, when would be the best time to expect the warning? Well, Jonah's warning was for forty days, and Jonah was a type of Christ, and the issue was life or death, so I would expect it to start forty days before the end. The end, the end of what? The world? - no, the Church on earth. Well, when is that? When the events of Daniel's prophecy of the 70 weeks are occurring in time.

Then will you know it's time has come, and to watch closely for it. Watch closely for what? For the warning. Because it will be given starting forty days before the end. That forty days begins on First Fruits with the dead in Christ rising and ends with the catching away. That's the fulfillment of the shadow cast by the promise of First Fruits to the Church, the promise of the full harvest yet to come. But, First Fruits doesn't end until Pentecost. And Pentecost is the time for a new offering. So, with the Church gone, God begins again on Pentecost (the pivotal feast once again) to preach Jesus and the Kingdom of God to the Jews with His newly anointed last two witnesses, opening the way for the fulfillment of the yet unfulfilled feasts of the law, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles.

Now that Rapture landscape is an event landscape that fits into the landscape of the End Times. The end times, that is the seventieth week of Daniel, begins with the opening of the first seal. Revelation describes the event as taking place in heaven, and having the redeemed there to witness it. So, the event signified by the man on the white horse, coming in peace, who comes riding onto the scene in Revelation 6, cannot do that, make his appearance, while the Church is still here on earth.

Paul told the Thessalonians that as long as the Church was around, Revelation 6 could not come to pass. Now Paul didn't know about Revelation 6, because there was no Revelation 6. But what Paul knew about was an evil man of sin, the son of perdition. He turns up again in Revelation 6, in his larval incarnation, as the man of peace, wearing a crown given to him in honor, carrying an unloaded bow, riding on a white horse, but turns into this bird that Paul saw later on. Any way, that day, the day set for him to come riding out onto the stage of time, can't come to pass while the Church is still on earth.

Those of you who have kept abreast of the Mideast landscape as it pertains to prophecy, know that time has moved along to a point in time where the critical issues of the prophecy are nearing a decision. That decision bears directly on the timing for the Rapture.

And because the Rapture happens before that decision of peace is confirmed, and we know the Rapture landscape begins on First Fruits and ends on Pentecost, with the Rapture occurring 40 days after First Fruits, just through the natural occurrence of the elements of the landscape, the dead in Christ would rise, and many will be seen, and these will be the forty days of warning that signals the end of the Church age is at hand. Now, I've asked the question of myself, where will they be seen? In the Holy City, as before? My thoughts are that since this is all directed at the Church, I would think that they will be seen where Christians would have the opportunity to see them. After all, these were Christian's, as they are now Christ's at His coming.

And, I'm sure that the times will be as Sir Isaac Newton predicted. As he foresaw the need for a body of men to raise up in the end times to insist on a literal translation of the prophecies. But, he also saw that body amid much clamor and opposition.

You folks are the folks that are being called to be that body. We answered our call 20 years ago, and have been the eyes on Mideast time ever since. We are like the sky watchers who are looking for comets or asteroids that are headed our way. It may take years for them to spot the one that they needed to see, but when they see it, they don't keep it to them selves!

I believe that it's obvious to see that understanding everything I've said about this subject, as simple as I have tried to make it, requires a certain level of study. That's the beauty of our study. Starting from zero, knowing nothing about the end times to being able to put the Rapture landscape right into the prophecy of Daniel, and understand it. Our All on 1 CD-ROM that makes learning interesting, fast and rewarding.

This is such an important subject to Christians at this time. Any of you who haven't gotten your copy of the teaching should order yours now. This Ministry needs your help, so if our teaching is a blessing to you, give generously to keep this word going out to the world. Remember all of you who have a copy of version 1 can upgrade to version 2 for only $5. + $3.25 shipping. You can get one upgrade at that price for each copy you have.

My sincerest and humblest thanks to those who are helping me. You know that I know who you are, and how much I love you for it. Keep it up.

Thank you for listening and God bless all of you.

God bless.

Your Brother in Christ
Sal from CHN

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