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2nd Esdras Part 2

Two Greetings Watchers!

Well, I guess I have enough takers who want to hear about 2nd Esdras, so I am going to proceed with the teaching. But, let me say this. I’d teach this if there were only one listening, because that’s what I do for God, teach, to awaken those who will listen as to the lateness of the hour. And, I don’t do it with vague platitudes, and a pious voice! I use scripture, and an inquisitive nature to build a solid case for what I teach, without shoe horning or stretching the word. Now I know that a lot of the things I teach are away from the beaten path of what’s been the popular way to view the end times, but, there is a major difference in what scripture say and history proves to be the case, and what TRADITION wants us to believe. That difference is made abundantly clear in the same scripture that created the tradition, now that the time has arrived in history for the events of the prophecy of Daniel to be spilling out onto the present stage.

With that came much new knowledge as promised. But, that knowledge doesn’t just jump up and bite you on the end of the nose. Like any knowledge, you have to seek it. We can use 20/20 hindsight to look back up the trail that God left in history from where we are and see exactly what He meant in His word about this time, now that we are in it. Many past speculation are now seen in the light of the present, showing that the reality is different than it was thought it might be.

I am a latter day seeker. I got started in this to see if it were true what the Churches, which I didn’t put much stock in, were saying about the end times, and the Rapture. Rapture, a word that I had never heard of before in my life. Antichrist, a word I had no idea the meaning of, except as a myth. But, I had a burning desire to know the truth of it, because in all the time I was lost, trying to find who God was, I never lost sight of Jesus as my closest friend and confidant. I wanted more than anything for Him to be true. So, after a Roman Catholic upbringing, clear through university and the Jesuits, my mind refused to believe that doctrine represented what Jesus died for. So, I went looking. For twenty years I searched everything but the Bible.

The Bible was out, because I had heard the snippets of the gospels at Sunday Mass, and thought that was all there was to it. In my day, and I’m 64 now, Catholics were not encouraged to read the Bible. Learn the doctrine via their catechism was all I ever knew. Pray to the Virgin Mary. Confess my sins to the priest, and pay a penance for having them forgiven. And when I finally asked a Jesuit, in university, “if Jesus did the dying, why do we pray to Mary”, his answer sent me packing. I thought all Christians believed in the same things, so, at that point the Bible was the last place to look.

And, as it turns out, it was the last place I looked. You can imagine my surprise when I found Him there! I had looked everywhere, except there! And then after hearing the teaching on Daniel, I was hooked for life. Something tangible that I could do to solidify my belief was there waiting for me. All I had to do was watch time pass over a prophesied landscape for the sole purpose of seeing when these events start, if I was still alive, when they did, and then follow them until it was fact, rather than someone’s dream, then I would be sure, for sure!

Along the way, the revelations caused the relationship to grow strong, and it continues to grow even stronger today. My plan from the beginning of the adventure was that when I saw it happen, I would tell everyone I knew. Well, I did that, and most of them laughed. So, I watched a few more years, until it became obvious to people who were watching as intently as I, that the events occurring in the Mideast were early indicators headed toward the Biblically prophesied outcome of that land. Finally in January of 1996 it was so obvious, that we began this Ministry. We had searched all of the leading Ministries that were reaching the Church in great numbers, and found that none of them were teaching what was happening. In fact all were teaching the same thing. Almost like a script.

That was very confirming, because it fit in with the cycle of time. It had become a Tradition! And Jesus got hung on a tree for reminding the powerful that Tradition made void the word of God! When we recognized that, we knew it was an uphill fight to get people to listen. What was so obvious to us, was so, because we had been watching it for 16 years, and it was routine for us. But to those who never looked at it from that perspective before, it was something brand new.

Now our job became to just find people who would listen long enough to look. We can’t do anymore than that, except to teach you what to look for, and why you are looking for that. Then, God will show it to you, and you and He can work out the details of your future together from there.

After four and a half years, there are over 650 Watchers on this mail list, with many more who came, stayed a while and left, and I respect everyone of you for either getting aware, or being aware of the end times, but frankly, I don’t understand, with where we are in time, and as exciting as these times are, how so few of you are motivated enough about it to want to learn more, and participate in keeping this word going out to the world.

There were 15 who wrote and said that they wanted to hear more of 2nd Esdras, and only two who wrote and said that they didn’t want to hear a teaching on what God wanted man to leave out of the Bible, so they will just have to delete this message, because 2nd Esdras is all this message is about.

I’ve said many times, I teach for only one reason - to show that God is in control, and you can trust Him to keep His word! This prophet, whoever wrote it, said he spoke for God, and the test of a prophet is in what he says comes true. Lets see if Esdras was a prophet or not.

Last class ended with these words:

EZRA: And He said to me, this is the meaning of this vision that you have seen. As for the eagle that you saw rising from the sea, it was the fourth kingdom that appeared in a vision to your brother Daniel. But it was not explained to him as I now explain it to you and have explained it.


Because Daniel was inquiring about Judah, and God was going to reveal to Daniel what was going to happen to Judah, and what would happen from that kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar through the kingdoms that would oppress the Jews.

Ezra has a larger purpose. He fills in some gaps. Ezra: But it was not explained to him as I now explain it to you and have explained it. Behold a day is coming when a kingdom will rise on the earth - (that eagle is Daniel’s fourth kingdom - the nondescript beast - the legs of iron - in Nebuchadnezzar’s image.) and it will be more terrible that all the kingdoms that were before it. Moreover, twelve kings will reign over it, one after another, but the second who is to reign will rule longer than the twelve. This is the meaning of the twelve wings that you saw.

In the next part, we will bridge the gap that will enable us to use Esdras to give clarification to what is already in God’s book, and sort out a lot of nonsense.


2nd ESDRAS Part II

He says twelve kingdoms. I’m going to quickly jump across the landscape of the Roman Empire for you, so we can identify this bird.

There was a Roman Empire that rose to power as one head, then as you all know, in the fifth century Constantinople became the Eastern Kingdom, as the Western Kingdom divided into two. And, those who know your history know, that with the fall of the Emperor at Constantinople, the Eastern Kingdom suddenly moved to Russia. As Ivan III sets up the Kingdom in Russia, and Ivan IV becomes the Czar. Where do you think the word Czar comes from? The one Kingdom was Caesar, it split into two Kingdoms, then in it’s move to Russia it became the Czar, which is a cognate of Caesar.

In the ninth century, the Pope usurped to himself the power to set up kingdoms on earth, and crowned Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Emperor, that was to become the Austro-German Empire, ultimately to become the Austro-Prussian Empire, to end in 1918, with Kaiser Wilhelm, William II, the Caesar of the West. Kaiser, Czar, and in the middle Caesar. The three headed eagle that were the divisions of the same beast, the Roman Empire.

Now, you will begin to see that the war of prophecy is between what is called the historicist's, who believe that all prophecy of Daniel have been fulfilled in history with no future gap between, and the futurists, who look over the historic fulfillment’s and the law of double fulfillment in prophecy and point only to the future, and as is always the case of most heresies in the Church, it’s one extreme going to the point of error, by failing to see the other side. It’s like the Rapture argument, those that have one at the end of the tribulation, or one at the beginning, and fail to see there are a “togma”, or a succession of Raptures.

There is a history of fulfillment, and there is a future fulfillment. The Roman Empire which this three headed eagle represents becomes three headed in sequence. The central head, Caesar, that set up a kingdom like no other before it, which splits into a kingdom to the right, which is the Constantinople Kingdom, which moves North to Czarist Russia, to end in that first fulfillment package with the Bolshevic Revolution and the overthrowing the Czar in 1917.

The Western head, to the left, Charlemagne, the new Holy Roman Empire, ultimately becomes the Austro-Prussian Empire of the Kaisers, which ends finally in Kaiser Wilhelm. And we have the central head Caesar in Rome, the Czar on the right, if you are looking North, the Kaiser on left.

Now, lets look at something else that this fellow said.

If you look at that last twelve emperors of the Roman Empire, the Central head on this bird.

Ferdinand III was head of the Roman German Empire. He ruled 1637 to 1658 - that’s 21 years. He was succeeded by Leopold I 1658-1705 - that’s 47 years. The Third king was Joseph I, 1705-17ll, six years.

Now, I can go down all twelve of them, but I want you to pay particular attention to Leopold I, he reigned 47 years, and he was number two. Got that? The first one, Ferdinand III reigned for 21 years. You can check this any where, so I am going to just throw it at you, so we can make the point.

1. Ferdinand III reigned 21 years. 2. Leopold I reigned 47 years. 3. Joseph I reigned 6 years. 4. Charles VI reigned 29 years 5. Charles VII reigned 3 years 6. Francis I reigned 20 years 7. Joseph II reigned 25 years 8. Leopold II reigned 2 years 9. Francis II reigned 14 years 10. William I reigned 17 years 11. Frederick reigned 3 months 12. William II, Kaiser Whelm reigned for 30 years. 1888-1918

The closest to Leopold I, who reigned 47 years, is the Kaiser who reigned 30 years. He out distanced every one of them by manifold numbers of years. But, the second reigned, 17 years longer than any of the other twelve. And, with Kaiser Wilhelm, down goes the Holy Roman Empire, for all intents and purposes.

Well, what’s this got to do with what I’m saying? Listen close. The beast you see, this three headed eagle, is that fourth kingdom of Daniel, the Roman Empire.

A day is coming when a kingdom will rise on the earth that is more terrible than all of them. Twelve kings will reign over it, one after another, but the second who is to reign will reign longer than the twelve. No body anywhere can doubt that this book was written prior to the New Testament. It was in circulation when Jesus was quoting the Septuagint. The only argument was if Ezra actually wrote it, about the time they came back to rebuild the temple, or whether it was written by some anonymous person, who claimed to be Ezra in the first century before Christ. In either case, it’s written before Christ is on the scene.

He outlines with perfection, the breaking of that Roman Empire into three, from Caesar, to Czar, to Kaiser. He then outlines the twelve kingdoms that are to rise up, and the second is to rule much longer than any of the other twelve.

God engraved a pretty little foot note to tell you, like it or not, that hidden in this book is a message that sorts out history becoming it’s own self vindication, because a prophet is a prophet if what he says comes to pass. Now, if that came to pass, then what about the last days?

The second who is going reign is going to reign longer than the twelve, this is the meaning of the twelve wings. As for you hearing a voice that spoke, but came not from it’s head but from the middle of his body, this is the meaning. In the midst of the time of the kingdoms no small struggles will arise, and they will be in danger of falling, but it will not fall then but will regain it’s former power. As you see eight additional wings springing from his wings, this is the meaning. For eight kings will rise in it, whose times will be short, and whose years will be fleeting, and two of them will fall when the middle of it’s time draws near, but four will be preserved until the time of the end begins to approach, but two will be kept until the end. Who are those two? We’ll see, won’t we?

And as for seeing the three heads resting, this is the meaning. The three heads, resting to awake as the time of the end approaches. Communist Russia, Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. With the historian that God is proving to be, do you think for a minute that He would have overlooked the evilness that would come out of the nondescript beast, the vilest empire, as time approaches the final days. We have been approaching these time we are in now for almost a hundred years. That’s why there are wars and rumors of wars, pestilence, famine, earthquakes, in diverse unknown places, men running to and fro, all the signs of the last days. And, likewise, God left this message, and wouldn’t Satan like to cover it up! I’d rather let it stand on it’s own two feet.

Now, lets look a these three heads in the last days.

The Most High will raise up three kings and they will do many things in this evil kingdom, and will distress the earth and those who live in it, with greater oppression than all who were before them. That is why they are called the eagles heads, for it is they that will bring his wickedness to a head and will bring him to his end. Now as you’ve seen a greater head disappear, one of them will die in his bed, but in torment.

In 1943, Italy would have surrendered, but the Axis Nations wouldn’t let them. And, Italy had to die in it’s bed, in it’s own homeland as it was ravaged by war, with it’s Fascist leader killed by his own people, who also ravaged his body. We have watched the right head swallow up the left head. Leaving two heads. As evil Communist Russia, swallows up most of Germany, and is swept down into that which I’ve skipped over, the kingdoms of the eight wings. And the stage is set, for a confrontation between the lion and her offspring.

The lion that you saw rise roaring out of the forest and speaking to the eagle, and rebuking him for his unrighteousness, and would charge him with ungodliness and rebuke him for wickedness. This is the anointed, which the Highest hath kept for them and for their wickedness unto the end: he shall reprove them, and shall upbraid them with their cruelty. The Eagle, what happens to him at the end. I looked and behold the head, and then the body, the head and the wings, and then the whole body of the eagle was burned, and the earth was panic stricken.

The point I make today, is that there is available in the scriptures, books that were available and used by Jesus and by Paul. There is available in the books, that were originally in the King James when it was translated, a record of history, which if outlined will trace the Roman Empire, that fourth beast of Daniel through the Nazi, the Fascist and the Communist, evil outgrowth head, to the final conquering of that miserable bird that has become one with those two little wings that I have yet skipped over, that will be destroyed by the lion and their young lions, as the British Empire and it’s allies, conquered those evil forces in both world wars, who ultimately will be destroyed in a war led by the Lion of the tribe of Judah which brings me in Ezra, to the next chapter which we

Thank you for listening and God bless all of you.

God bless.

Your Brother in Christ
Sal from CHN

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