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The Prophecy of Daniel part 3

Greetings Watchers!

Today I am returning to posting Daniel. I have heard from quite a few of you that you want to continue the study. I am posting this mainly for all the new members. Most of you older members have the study on CD, which I highly recommend that you new members order your copy, and get the entire teaching. This end time awareness Bible Study is something you all should have in your library. It’s priceless, and comes to you for a support offering of only $25 or more. See the bottom of this message for full details.

Here is a letter I just received from a Watcher concerning this very subject:

Dear Brother Sal;

Hey I really like your teachings.  This Saturday at men's prayer breakfast, I will be sharing your teachings on the feasts and rapture. One thing I know is that all of the people on your list should order Daniel, Revelations, Rapture a study of the end times, because it is awesome.  Our God is an awesome God, and I thank him for His word and your interpretation.  So I challenge all watchers to get it and study it and get excited.

Your brother in Christ

Here is The Prophecy of Daniel continued.

We are back in the book of Daniel today, so open your Bible to Revelation chapter 6. We won't stay there long, just a review.

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the for beasts saying, Come and see.

And I saw, and behold a White Horse: First horseman of the Apocalypse. Because he's on white, some people, if fact, I told you that not long ago, I heard a preacher on TV say, that after much research, I have concluded that the man on the white horse, of revelation 6 is Christ.

I occasionally listen to TV evangelists, and, " much research", doesn't have the normal reported meaning! Satan has always been in the business of counterfeiting. And you can expect in the plan of God, he will have a substitute.

Now, Antichrist literally means: Substitute Deliverer.

It can be expected that Satan will have his counterfeit show up before the glorious appearing of Our Lord. Jesus is the Lamb! The first verse of the 6th chapter just proved that. And I saw when the LAMB OPENED one of the seals . . . If that white horse is Christ, then Christ opened the seal to let himself out! This book is a revelation of God's wrath, called in the Greek, never an exception, The Tribulation, the Great Tribulation! In the world, Jesus said, you will have tribulation, that's part and parcel of the trip. But Tribulation the Great Tribulation is not the same, as the normal tribulation as far as life on this planet. It is the wrath of God outpoured. A tribulation like the world has never seen, yet to come, called the Tribulation, The Great Tribulation!

Now, I only teach for one reason _ I believe we're saved by grace through faith _ and that for trusting God, God gives salvation, eternal life and joint inheritance with His son. Christ is held in your heart by faith.

Faith by definition is an ACTION, based upon belief, sustained by confidence. And when a man can be brought to trusting God, hanging his body on what God has said, even if it defies every circumstance, that man or woman is going to receive the gift of God's salvation.

Therefore, the motive of every preacher should be to arouse faith. Bad preaching just about destroyed my faith. It drives people away from God! The right role of the preacher is to inspire, arouse Faith! And, there is no more effective way to do that than to teach from God's word, the demonstration of God's ability and faithfulness to carry out his word.

That's why Paul said that Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God! You can't help but have your faith aroused when you see God's performance. My reason therefore for teaching on prophecy, is to demonstrate that the Lord of hosts, is in control, that if He says it's going to go a certain way, it's going to go that way, and that whatever He has said, every jot and tittle thereof, He is, in the words of Jeremiah, going to hasten his word to performance. And the demonstration of prophecy fulfilled becomes the basis and motivation for expecting prophecy to continued to be fulfilled, and that faithfulness of God to His word is the basis on which we trust Him in regard to the words of promise for ourselves individually, and a group, as a Church. That's why I teach!

My primary message is the Rapture. Daniel is the foundation of the Rapture, because, in Daniel you can see clearly the demonstration of God keeping His word. When I teach on the Rapture, because it is yet future, you will have both the foundation and the understanding of God's way of dealing with future events. Daniel establishes an earthly pattern of God's faithfulness to His word, and once exposed to that pattern, it becomes more easily recognized when you see it again in how He will fulfill His promise at the conclusion of His covenant with the Church.

Now, lets move on.

White Horse! Jesus indeed comes on a white horse, in revelation 19. Has on His thigh and on his vesture a name written, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Now, I'm going to go fast so put your minds in gear.

That coming precedes the battle of Armageddon, and His sword slays! This man on a white horse, in that simple analogy, he's on a white horse, tricks people into thinking it's Christ, he comes, it says, with a bow (and no arrow). He comes as a man of Peace. He doesn't come to bring war. He's on the scene with an unloaded bow.

Antichrist, the substitute deliverer of the Jews, comes with a peace plan. After the man on the white horse, comes the man on the red horse. His peace plan doesn't work. It's a false peace. War follows. Then the man on the black horse. Famine. Then the man on the pale horse. Death.

And the Great Tribulation begins to unfold through seven seals, seven trumpets and seven vials poured out, and then Armageddon! Now Antichrist is the focus today to enable a demonstration be given of God's word of prophecy. In Revelation 6, he is seen as a man on a white horse. Lets take another look at him.

Revelation 13.

Now the details, you don't have to remember, the gestalt is what I want you to get. The quality and nature of this Antichrist figure and where he comes from. I told you last time that I've read everything. I remember the trash cans full of books that said Hitler was the Antichrist, after the bunker scene. Books were even written that said that Mussolini was the Antichrist. When JFK was shot, there were those who said he'd recover and that would make him the Antichrist. When Robert Kennedy was shot, the same thing was said, based on an interpretation of the Wounded Head.

I'm sure there are some that say that I'm the Antichrist, a very limited few, I hope. And I've been tempted to call a lot of people the Antichrist, but he has identifiable traits, and a locale of origin that can keep you from being the victim of nuts.

Rev. 13 I stood upon the sand of the sea, saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy _ we talked about this last class _ this beast was like a leopard, feet of a bear, mouth as the mouth of a lion, and the dragon, revelations symbol of the devil gave him his seat and his power.

And I saw one of his heads, as it were wounded to death, (One of these heads wounded), and his deadly wound was healed., and all the world wondered after the beast. (I'm going to teach on revelation later, so don't get hung up on all the details just yet.) The gestalt I'm looking for today is that this so called beast, Antichrist, substitute deliver, evil world ruler, that comes at the end of the age is pictured in many places of scripture, has characteristics that can be identified, and the locale of his origin can be found.

Now, Jesus once said, to the Pharisees, and His disciples, (paraphrasing) . . . what's the matter with you, you can read the signs of the times, Mediterranean climate, when the winds shift to the south, you can expect rain, why can't you read the signs of my coming? And he laid a charge on His disciples to pay attention to these signs.

But more important for faith, he said, certain things will happen, but the time is not yet, and lays down the principle He's trying to have a sequential unfolding. Now, that's two thousand years ago. Daniel, several hundred years before that.

If these signs, not yet happening when written, 100% of the time keep coming off, and if a long trail of signs happen, a few not yet, and the batting average is a thousand, that will make a believer out of you! That's why I teach.

I don't expect to be here when this bird show's up. I don't care about being able to recognize him to have a hand shake, I'm not going to be here! Furthermore in spite of all the movies, as I said last class, he's not living in somebody's house, laser beaming his sister to death when she makes him mad.

The Antichrist comes in peace, not war, originally. And, he's described with a strange trait. One of his heads was wounded as to death, and his deadly wound was healed. Now go to Revelation 17.

Same beast show up. The mystery of the beast, verse 7, chapter 17. . . .which has seven heads and ten horns, does your bible say that? The angel now is going to tell John the mystery of the beast which hath the seven heads and ten horns.

The beast that thou sawest, WAS, and IS NOT. 1. He WAS, 2. He IS NOT _ now John is writing,

he's on the Isle of Patmos, in the first century, and the angel is interpreting this terrible vision he's just seen. And John says, I'd like to know about that beast with seven heads and ten horns, and that whore that rode on him. The woman, the false church, tell me about them. The angel told him about the church _ that's not the subject today.

And the angel is saying what the symbol of the seven headed beast with ten horns meant. In addition, there is another particular beast, the beast that thou sawest WAS, and IS NOT and SHALL ASCEND out of the BOTTOMLESS PIT.

1. WAS, 2. IS NOT (1st century, when John is writing), 3. SHALL ASCEND out of THE BOTTOMLESS PIT. The review is about over _ Last class I told you, there is the cognate of our word ABYSS _ when Jesus came upon a demoniac in the gospels, the demons in the boy cried out to Jesus, recognizing Him, as something more than mere man, and they said to him, as though He had the authority, are you come to send us into the Abyss, before our time?

When he came upon the demoniac of the Gaterines, the young boy that broke chains, frightened the whole village, He began to address, the inhabiting personage, the demon. He said, what's your name, and they answered, we be legions, because there were so many occupying the body of that demoniac.

They begged him, rather than go to the ABYSS, apparently some terrible prison place for demon beings or fallen angels, they begged that they might be allowed to inhabit the bodies of the pigs in the region. You know the story, the pigs wouldn't contain them, they ran off jumped into the lake and drowned. ABYSS is the word _ the only word ever used. In this same book of revelation, go back to the 9th chapter.

The fifth angel sounded, this is the 5th trumpet _ remember, I'm skipping around because of the gestalt to develop a picture of Antichrist and the history that develops for him.

Now the process of the Great Tribulation, I already told you, goes through seven seals, seven trumpets and seven vials. We are now well into the middle of the time, when the 5th angel who's blown the 5th trumpet, and in symbol it says, I saw a star fall from heaven and to him was given the key to the bottomless pit, the word in the Greek is only one, ABYSS. The key to the ABYSS! He opened the bottomless pit _ same word _ ABYSS _ he opens the ABYSS.

There arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. They hurt mankind.

Vs. 7 The shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and upon their heads were as it were crown like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men, and they had hair of women and their teeth were as the teeth of lions, breastplates of iron and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle, they had tails like scorpions and there were stings in their tails and their power was to hurt men five months.

Now, there is a very popular prophecy preacher (ppp) says that those are helicopters! Whoever makes these choppers is going to win every war! There has never been a helicopter like that!

We recognize that there is a war of the ages. And Satan was once the crowning cherub of heaven, rose in rebellion, and was cast out. Isaiah sees Lucifer, on the earth, in Eden, before he fell. Ezekiel see's him there before he lifted himself up in pride, there was a great war in heaven. Jesus says, proving His eternal nature, or attempting to state it, . . . I saw Satan cast down.

He had fallen, when the re_creative period of Genesis begins. I don't know why there is so much to do about evolution _ it's not a fact, it's a theory, hasn't been proven, but it doesn't bother me. If God gets His kicks creating by progressive, positive development, so be it. There is nothing in the Bible that says the earth is only 6,000 years old.

All the Bible says that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the next phrase as accurately translates, as what you read in the King James, . . . and the earth became a waste and a desolation.

And what we read thereafter is a re_creative period. Which is why God said to Adam and Eve, replenish the earth, He didn't say plenish it. Now, I don't want to waste a side road on the cataclysmic theory, and the pictures that Jeremiah saw of the earth created not a waste and a desolation.

What I am saying is that from that point, Satan enters the garden as an enemy of God, and until Michael, as the book of Revelation says, is turned loose to cast him out of the heavenly's during this Great Tribulation period, he's still around. That's why Paul says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, and I don't see how anybody can believe the Bible, and not believe in demons!

Frankly, because he is more open in his doing, I encounter Satan more frequently than God. I'm with George Burns _ the devil is easy to believe in! God is the one we have trouble getting faith straightened out about. And, the Judaic/Christian traditions speaks of a reality of evil personages that is the ultimate warfare of the ages, and the Church is men and women of Faith, are God's demonstration to the ages that He can save those that trust Him and have freedom, but will use it because of His words, in response to God's witness, and they will repopulate and fill that third of heaven that went out with Satan. That's another subject _ I threw it in free.

Now, those demons, some of them run around. Jesus encountered them, go through Mark, every other chapter, He acknowledged demon forces. Some are tougher than others. He comes down from the mount of Transfiguration His disciples are sweating over a boy, He says these kind don't come out save much fasting and prayer. Judaic theology postulated a hierarchy of evil beings as well as good angels. And not all of them are running loose. Some of them are in the ABYSS!

Now, in this 9th chapter of Revelation, out of this ABYSS they come. You read Revelation 19, after the war of Armageddon, go to the last verse of the chapter. Armageddon is finished, fouls of the air gather, 20th chapter opens _ And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand, he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan and bound him a thousand years. And, cast him into the bottomless pit _ same word ABYSS!

Go over 2 more chapters. After a thousand year millennium he will come out of that same ABYSS, make a beeline to the territory once occupied by Magog. That will be even after the 1000 year period. Having been defeated at the battle of Armageddon, which will not be a nuclear holocaust, he will come out of that bottomless pit and will find people who will still listen to him, after the millennium! They will come down again, and surround Jerusalem, and that one might be nuclear. Read that in the last chapter.

Have you got it? There are demon forces, there is an Abyss, some strange prison place, that some demons worried that Jesus might put them there ahead of time. Revelation releases them, those locust demons who have been there, and after Armageddon, Satan himself will be bound a 1000 years and put in that Abyss and then let out again.

Now, this beast, that was, had an existence in history, is not operating or around in Johns day, shall ascend _ is that what it says in Revelation 17? Shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition.

Now, I'm not going to read it, but tell you, that lays enough foundation there today. Antichrist is not born evil. Antichrist, as I said is not some little boy growing up somewhere with strange powers. Antichrist will rise in the earth just like any other person. He will come to rulership in the way the last two messages described. He will come on the scene of world prominence with a formula for peace that everyone is looking for. When the image changes from man to beast, he represents one of the seven heads that was, is not, shall ascend out of the bottomless pit.

Antichrist, as he rose to his position of prominence, in one point in his career, will become, literally, demon possessed, and the demon that will possess him is the demon that possessed one of these seven heads, is not ruling, in Johns day, we know where it is, because out of the pit, he shall ascend, which means that he's not around where John is, because he's in the pit.

He was operating as one of the seven heads, is now in the pit, Abyss, while John is writing, shall ascend out of that Abyss, and he will posses the earthly ruler called the Little Horn of Daniel. And that's why it's so foolish as I have often said, that the moment that an earthly ruler is assassinated, or an attempt is made, to start speculating that this is Antichrist.

The beast whose head is wounded is one of the seven heads, which is what? Verse 9 (Rev.17) Here's a mind that hath wisdom, the seven heads are seven mountains, that are seven kings, that are symbolized, five are fallen, one is the other not yet come. When he cometh he must continue a short space, and the beast that IS and WAS NOT, even he is the eighth.

Now, watch this progress.

The beast with seven heads, is what? seven kings. Is that what it says? How many are fallen? Five! Who are the Five? The focus of the prophecy, is God's people Israel in relation to those who oppressed them.

The seven nations that oppressed Israel, begin with 1. Egypt, move on to 2. Assyria, come to 3. Babylon, followed by 4. Medo_Persian, followed by the 5. Grecia. Is that the way you count it?

Egypt, write it in your Bible, they took them into Bondage, Assyria, captured the northern kingdoms and most of Judah, Babylon took the rest of Judah into bondage, Medo_Persia, conquered Babylon, became the instrument to let them come back home. Grecian, Alexander the great, followed by Rome.

These five already happened _ five are fallen, one is, what's the next one, which is the sixth? ROME! You have to see this as it goes on to understand it. Sixth now is, right? One is going to come afterwards, right? He is the seventh, is that correct? He must continue a short space.

Now there is a Gap _ I already talked about the Gap theory, this is where you put it in. Right after Rome, the sixth, and the before the seventh.

What's the Gap theory? Jesus stood and preached on the Feast of Tabernacles. Remember that, or do I have to tell that story again? And He read, came to set the captives free, etc., etc., and He stops in mid sentence and said, this prophecy from Isaiah, is fulfilled now, before your very eyes. But if you open Isaiah, the very sentence He was reading has the conjunctions, AND, right where He stopped. And, you read the rest of the sentence, AND, the day of vengeance of Our Lord.

When Isaiah saw it, from a prophetic distance, he saw the whole thing, including the day of vengeance, without regard for time. Jesus stood on that conjunction! And He could say, in His first coming, this scripture is fulfilled up to the conjunction. The day of vengeance was yet to come. We are still waiting almost 2,000 years.

Sometimes when you are reading prophecy, it looks like you are standing viewing a distant mountain range. It all looks like one gob. The hills in front blend into the hills behind. You get closer, climb that first hill and stand on it, and you see the valley, between that peak and the next one.

All prophecy, like a way of life, starts with Genesis 3, when God said the seed of the woman would bruise the head of the serpent, and the serpent would bruise the heel of the seed of the woman. The whole fulfillment of the conflict between God and Satan, for the souls of men, is recorded in that statement, and then God writes a whole book about it, as He enters into the ledger as you get closer.

Back to the Gap. We have five are fallen, one, the sixth, IS, a gap of almost 2,000 years, and one will come, seven, he'll have a very short span, then the eighth. And, who is the eighth?

Suddenly, from just an earthly kingdom, we find that the eight is a supernatural, evil person. The eighth is the one that WAS, IS NOT, SHALL ASCEND. The eighth is that beast (vs.11), that IS, WAS NOT, and SHALL ASCEND, even he is the eighth, he is of the seventh.

This eighth one, is of the seventh, and goes unto perdition. Who is this one (the eighth)? We have already been told, verse 8, he, this eighth one ascends out of the bottomless pit.

Now, let me tie it. Revelation 6, Antichrist comes on the scene, riding a white horse, bow and no arrow, a man of peace. This man that comes on the scene, we saw last class, he, Daniel's Little Horn/Antichrist is the eighth, yet to come out of the seventh, Rev.6, when the Great Tribulations begins, and the seal is opened.

From Rome to the seventh, there's a Gap. As Isaiah 61 is split, and the first half of the prophecy of Christ is fulfilled in the 1st century, the day of vengeance waits at least the 1900 years that have passed. This beast with seven heads bridges the centuries including the Gap. Six of them are identified. The seventh will be the next kingdom on the land out of Babylon (The Moslem Empire), and the Little Horn , grows out of the Roman portion of it, becoming the man of peace, who grows into Antichrist, the eighth ruler. Now why this gap?

Revelation is dealing with God's people the Jews, they disappeared, the Jews, as a nation, under the Roman devastation of Jerusalem. You all know that the prophecies of the last days have a restoration of the Nation Israel. And the Gap stood there, because God turned to the age of the Gentiles, and this prophecy has a Gap until the age of the Gentiles closes, and He returns again to dealing with the Jews.

This is the same kind of teaching that Paul does in Romans 9, 10 and 11, when he tries to urge the church, remember, we are a wild olive branch, grafted on to the root of the tree called Abraham. And, if God could graft a wild olive branch on, and make us, because of Faith, recipients of the blessings given to Abraham, how much more can He return the natural stock, and speaks to the time, when the natural stock will be implanted again in the tree of Abraham.

This Gap is for that period that starts with the lifting of the Church, and the return of God's attention to the Jews. There will be the revelation of the eighth head (the Little Horn), but he doesn't last long, he's replaced by a demon, straight out of the bottomless pit. How does a demon work? Through possession! So, this demon out of the bottomless pit will literally possess the eighth one, the Little Horn, but until that possession, he won't have any more power than any other earthly ruler.

But, when that demon possesses him, he will begin to work miracles, that Revelation speaks of. That's why I say, if you are all gullible about miracles, my Bible says that Antichrist will out do all of today’s "miracle workers".

And a demon, who is the eighth king, will possess the king out of the seventh empire. And, it says concerning this eighth one, Antichrist's evil personified, this eighth one, WAS, so obviously didn't possess Rome's ruler, so he possessed one of the other five. Now, that takes me back to Daniel.

This is what I mean by a gestalt. I am trying to hit you with the whole wad, again and again until certain insights come. No prophecy of scripture is of private interpretation! Too many dumb theories are being peddled by preachers who take this verse of scripture in isolation, and saying none of the rest of it.

I want you to start, like you are parachuting from a space ship, see it all, then we'll get closer.

Now, this beast has been in the Abyss, was out once before, isn't out in John's day, when the book of Revelation was being written, and will come out of the Abyss, and be the eighth ruler, possessing the a ruler form the seventh kingdom, the Little Horn's kingdom. Now we go to Daniel and get the other details.

Daniel 2, Nebuchadnezzar's image. Because the time of the prophecy of Nebuchadnezzar's image, in Daniel 2, was during the reign of Babylon, we will not see too much said about the first 2 heads of the seven headed beast. Egypt and Assyria have already come and gone.

The time of the prophecy of Daniel, which is when Nebuchadnezzar had come to power, conquered Jerusalem, and taken these Hebrew children to his court. Now, Nebuchadnezzar has a dream, which is a history of Babylon, and it's successors that grow out of it. It had a head of gold, shoulders of silver, sides of brass, legs of iron, feet and 10 toes of iron and clay. Daniel says those are nations of the world.

Thou art the head of gold. Afterwards comes one, inferior, Medo_Persia, symbolized by the two arms and two shoulders. After the Medo_Persians, comes the Grecians, sides of brass, followed by Rome, legs of iron, then another latter day kingdom, the feet, and out of them the 10 toes of clay and iron. A loose confederacy, symbolized in clay and iron. Well, history has it that the next territory on the land of Babylon, the kingdom of the feet of Iron and clay was the Moslem Empire. So, the loose confederacy, symbolized by the toes of iron and clay, grow out of the Moslem Empire, but in the territory once occupied by the Roman Empire.

We know the Gap theory is true, because the ten toes are said to be ten kings, that come together in the last days. And, those ten kings, will be conquered by a stone kingdom, a stone not cut with hands, cut out of the mountain, that will fall on the feet and crumble all the image or empires growing out of Babylon, and set up a kingdom forever.

We also know, that from the end of the Roman Empire, to the ten toes, you have a gap. But the end of time will be brought in focus, as a confederacy forms on the stage of history, contrived of ten nations who occupy the geographic area, in the Moslem Empire once ruled by Rome. And when that confederacy is formed, we are at the edge of the end of time.

And, taken as a generic phrase, "Restored Roman Empire" might lead one to believe that Europe would be the place to look for this confederacy. But, then Daniel is given a vision. Daniel's vision was of beasts. And the beasts were, a lion, then a bear, then a leopard, then a nondescript beast, a beast so terrible no name could be given to it. And that beast had ten horns. Like the ten toes growing out of the feet!.

Daniel 7:7 This fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth, diverse for all other beasts, and it had ten horns. Then what happened? Suddenly, a little horn, rose up and uproots three. And after he uproots three, the others give him his kingdom (the eighth), then God comes to destroy that little horn, and set up His kingdom forever.

There we are once again at the gap. The ten horns on the last beast, take us to the edge of the end of time, same time as the ten toed kingdom, same makeup and composition, ten member confederacy in the Roman portion of the Moslem Empire, but suddenly, in the territory of the confederacy, one little horn will rise up out of obscurity and uproot three.

We now know, Antichrist will not take over with a world war! And if God's word's true there will

be no nuclear holocaust until this is fulfilled. And the way Antichrist will come to power, is not through a world war, but in a localized war. Remember when Pat Robertson said, during the time of the Lebanese crises, Russia was going to come down out of Ezekiel 38 and 39, and I said no he won't! He was wrong, I was right, so he quit teaching prophecy, and ran for president!

There will not be a war between Russian and the United States where atomic weapons explode. How do you know that? This book on which I base my faith! There are some things we can take hope in. Antichrist must come first. And the Little Horn/Antichrist, will uproot three horns after the confederacy is formed, and will be given his kingdom peaceably. Then Christ will conquer.

Then we saw the next vision, which focused like a telescope, on just the Medo_Persian and the Grecian Empires. Daniel had another vision in which he said, there's a ram, with power unlimited, and suddenly, though none could stand in his way, here comes a goat, traveling so fast that it seems unlimited in power. The goat conquers the ram.

Then a notable horn is in the head of the goat, that conquered. Suddenly in it's power it's broken off. In it's place come up four horns. The angel interprets and says, that goat is the prince of Grecia, and the notable horn is it's first king, the four that come up after it, shall not be of his posterity, which means that the throne does not pass to the children, but rather it will be four that rule not from his family, and will rule not with his Power.

Now, lets take one more step. Daniel was praying, in chapter 10, an angel appeared. Daniel went bananas. He falls down, seeing this angel, which would boggle the mind of anybody. The angel say, get on your feet, I've come to give you a message.

Three weeks ago, I heard you praying. And, I set out to bring you the answer. But, the Prince of Persia withstood me. Now you might think that Prince means earthly ruler, until he says, I was withstood until Michael, the chief of Princes came to fight with me. Now we know that it's a super human, angelic/demon angel conflict.

Once God created Adam and Eve, and gave them dominion over this earth, their sin, by default turned it over to Satan. He is called the Prince of the power of the air, and I repeat that Paul says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. When the Church begins to moves in faith, we have enemies greater than flesh and blood.

This Prince of Persia was none other than a demon Prince that ruled through the human ruler of Persia. And those Princes, these evil beings were so powerful they kept an angel from getting to Daniel for three weeks. And that angel, by himself, could not have penetrated, except, Michael, the chief angel came and helped him. Now, he said Michael is still there, and he owed me one, because the next chapter (ch.11) says, because I helped him once, when he needed it, so now the score is even.

Jewish commentators in their text tell us that this angel is Gabriel. Gabriel is saying I couldn't get here for three weeks. The Prince of Persia was that strong. Michael came and helped me and we fought him together. I left Michael there, that I might bring my message to you. (Chapter 10 tells you all of this.)

Now, I'm going to go back, and when me and Michael get done kicking the stuffing out of him, The Prince of Persia will be no more _ but, lo, the Prince of Grecia comes. Now the context is demon forces that empower earthly rulers, and give them their unusual abilities. That might explain Hitler, but that's another subject. That comes out of the three headed eagle of 2nd Esdras, and I'll get to that soon.

This demon Prince, the Prince of Persia, now fighting Gabriel and Michael is whipped! Well, if he's whipped, where would he go? Well if he goes where they are all afraid to go, he goes into this Abyss. And now we have another one running loose on the earth, called the Prince of Grecia, which fills that vacuum. Which explains why, when the goat hit the ram, the ram who previously had unlimited power, but when the goat comes, the goat has all the power and the ram has none.

But when the notable horn on the goat is broken off, and is replaced by four, they don't have his power.

Alexander the Great is one of the great mysteries of history. How that young man could sweep across the world, with no force that could stand against him is amazing. That statement by the angel tells you why. The King of Grecia, study his life. After his trip to the Oracle, you see the change that began to happen.

Now the thesis being developed and presented here, is that the ruler of the kingdom, of the Little Horn of Daniel (the peacemaker/ man on the white horse of Revelation 6, the restored wounded head of Revelations 13, the seventh head of Revelation 17), will be empowered by a demon force that will complete his rise to Antichrist, will lead him into perdition, and will be the spiritual force behind him and the eighth kingdom of Revelation 17.

When Alexander the Great falls in his prime, in the swamps outside of Babylon, from Malaria, some say, that's speculation, whatever else, the power that gave him his extraordinary ability, did not pass on to his four successors. Daniel says that his successors will not come from his posterity and they will not rule in his power.

This beast, out of the abyss, either empowered the ruler of Egypt, the ruler of Assyria, the ruler of Babylon, the ruler of Medo_Persia, or the ruler of Grecia. The thesis being developed is to show that the demon Prince of Grecia, the one Gabriel said, lo would come, is the Prince that gets out of the pit to possess the little horn and turn him into Antichrist!

When Michael and Gabriel defeated the Prince of Persia, he went into the Abyss. When that notable horn Alexander the Great, was broken, the beast that empowered him went into the pit. Grecia is the beast that WAS, in Alexander's time, IS NOT in John's time, SHALL ASCEND out of the pit, and possess a ruler again.

The strength of it is, the prophetic law of double fulfillment. The very same area, Alexander the Great's empire, is the area out of which the little horn will come. The very same area that Alexander the Great moved his center of influence to, is the area out of which this little horn, who will come, that is a historic person, who will rise to his ascendancy because he has a peace plan, will be given his kingdom (the eighth), and after a short time (three and a half years), the beast from out of the pit, that possessed Alexander the Great, The Prince of Grecia, will come out of the Abyss and possess this final evil expression of these beast kingdoms.

Therefore, the beast that was, is not and shall ascend, is a demon. He is the eighth ruler in this line of Princely spiritual rulers, yet to come after the gap, grow out of the feet kingdom, to become the little horn, that comes in peaceably, who is then possessed, by the same demon that possessed Alexander the Great, and goes into perdition.

Now, the 11th chapter of Daniel changes, as this same angel Gabriel says, I'm going to tell you what's going to happen after this, Daniel. No more image, no more symbol, I'm going to tell it to you 1,2,3, like history written in advance.

That's the subject of the next class. We will see in the 11th chapter, that this little horn, will come precisely out of the Seleucid portion of the Old Grecian Empire.

To be continued, if you want to hear more from me, lets hear from you.  I want to know that I have a class out there and that I'm not talking to empty cyberspace.

As always, if my teaching is a blessing to you, give generously and give hilariously, because the Lord loves a hilarious giver and promises to pour down a blessing on you that you cannot contain. I wish that blessing for all of you.

Also, pray with me: We made it through February! Thank you Lord, we are faithing on that! Amen. A reminder, I need your help, I still haven’t paid the rent for February, and it’s the 28th.  I have no one to rely on except who God sends me, and that’s you.

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My sincerest and humblest thanks to those who are helping me. You know that I know who you are, and how much I love you for it. Keep it up.

Thank you for listening and God bless all of you.

God bless.

Your Brother in Christ
Sal from CHN

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