The following is a study of the present day Nations occupying the Biblical landscape of the "end times", in respect to their relationship with the Biblical timing described in the prophecy of Daniel, in his interpretation of the great image to King Nebuchadnezzar.

The defining verse of the prophecy is clearly 2:28: No one in his kingdom had the ability to state, and then interpret the dream. And Daniel, a Jew, points that out to the King, and begins verse 28 with: BUT, there's a God in heaven that reveals secrets. And, He's making it known to the King what's in store for his kingdom from then, right up to the last days of the Abraham covenant. It's the God of Abraham that Daniel is bragging about, Jehovah!

Then he tells the king his dream, and in his interpretation, he unfolds the history of what happens to the landscape of the Mideast from his time forward, all the way to the final days. It's those days that he's speaking of in verse 44. "AND in the days of these kings, shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed".

He had just described the nations that would grow out of Babylon using the symbolism of body parts, and when he gets to the toes, he identifies the ten of them as "kingdoms", and then says, verse 44: "AND in the days of these kings . . .", in the "end times", God from heaven is going to set up an eternal kingdom, after He, described as a stone cut with out hands, falls on the "feet" kingdom and destroys all of the kingdoms that had grown out of Babylon. So, it's important to identify the landscape of the "Feet" kingdom, that way you know where and on whom the wrath of God is going to fall when He returns to set up His everlasting kingdom. So when we reach the end times, we will recognize it as such, sounding the alarm to become acutely aware of the real time events on that landscape, especially in regard to their fulfillment of end time prophecy.

Our study of Daniel and the other end time prophets fills in the landscape of the end time, as a time when God returns to them to complete the covenant he made with their forefathers. He finds them on that same landscape where He had left them almost two thousand year before. To show that the landscape hasn't changed, except for time, is to see that the attitude of the landscape then and now, are the same.

At the time, they were in Israel, their temple had been destroyed, and they needed peace with Rome who routed them out to the four corners of the world. When God returns after almost two thousand years, He has brought them back from the four corners of the world to Israel, their own land, from where they had been scattered, trying to rebuild the temple, and needing a peace treaty with nations that in olden times were ruled by Rome.

Fifty two years has passed since Biblical time and real time surfaced and collided on May 14, 1948. Biblical time and real time have been flowing together at the surface ever since. May 14, 1948, became day 1 of year 1 of the "End Times".

Of the many milestone events to take place during this "end time" period, Daniel and his ten kings meeting in their time is a significant event, that allows all those watching to see that God's time and our time, are still one and the same time. And, since they are, we can expect, and in fact, will see those events that lead to the Biblical conclusion occurring on the present day stage of history

Now we have learned a few key facts from Daniel. The end time nation that makes up the feet kingdom onto which the stone falls, historically turned out to be the Moslem Empire. We learned that it was founded and ruled by Mohammed, the prophet of Allah, from his Kingdom, called the Hashemite Kingdom.

Then we learned that the Hashemite Kingdom was made up of parts of present day nations that were, in Rome's day, in the territory under it's rule.

But, just as all of the Empires before it, the Moslem Empire ceased to exist. But it's place on the landscape painted by Daniel as "Feet of iron and clay", still exists, and in today's world is occupied by eighteen nations.

In the Prophecy, these ten kings and the little horn king, that grows up among them, meet to decide on peace or war. The peace included resumption of Temple rites. All but three opt for peace. Those three are "uprooted", or "plucked up by the roots", by the little horn character at a later time.

At Sharam el Shief in Egypt, the eighteen modern, ten ancient, Moslem Nations, of the one time Moslem Empire, met with the United States, representing the western position, and Israel, to resolve circumstances and issues just such as those in the prophecy, the central issue being temple mount. The resolution for peace was unanimous except for three!

The contested issues and circumstances, that Daniel painted thousands of years ago, onto the landscape once occupied by the former Moslem Empire, is seeing the light of day in our time on that same landscape!

The following outline traces the modern Arabic Nations attending the Conference, that once comprised the Moslem Empire; The nations from the Moslem Empire that were once ruled by Rome; Which of those nations were within the boundaries of the old Seleucid Kingdom; Which of those nations fell within the Hashemite Kingdom of old and finally, which are the seven nations left after the uprooting's who join forces to give their support to the Little Horn.


  • Saudi Arabia included all the Arabic States.

  • Western Iran and Turkey were also territories under Rome's rule. Iran and Turkey were not members of the Conference, but did issue their own communiqués in the matters of the Conference.

  • It's important to note that "The Little Horn" Character is a person, not a Nation, that rise up among the 10 Kings.

Roman ruled territory in the Moslem Empire
The 10 Kings & The Little Horn
Modern Areas included in the
Moslem Empire at the 
18 member Conference
Areas within the Seleucid portion of the
Grecian Empire
Areas within the 
Hashemite Kingdom of Mohammed 
the Prophet of Allah
The 8 Nations that make up the Hashemite Kingdom
1. Iraq

a. Kuwait

1. Iraq

2. Kuwait



Iraq (uprooted)


Iraq (uprooted)


2. Saudi Arabia

a. Djibouti

c. Qatar

d. Somalia

e. Oman

f. Bahrain

g. UAE

h. Yemen

3. Saudi Arabia

4. Djibouti

5. Qatar

6. Somalia

7. Oman

8. Bahrain

9. UAE

10. Yemen

11.Comoros Isles

Portions of Saudi Arabia Portions of Saudi Arabia Portions of Saudi Arabia
3. Syria

a. Lebanon

b. Palestine

12. Syria

13. Lebanon

14. Palestine




Syria (uprooted)



Syria (uprooted)



4. Egypt 15. Egypt
5. Libya 16. Libya (uprooted)
6. Morocco

7. Tunisia

8. Algeria

9. Mauritania

17. Morocco
10. Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel
11. Jordan 18. Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan
12. W. Iran Iran* W. Iran W. Iran W. Iran
13. Turkey S. Turkey* S. Turkey S. Turkey S. Turkey
* Not at Conference but issued communiqué favoring peace


The chart above shows which are the 10 Moslem nations that were ruled by Rome, that all of them were part of the meeting that decided on peace, that there were ten of those nations that were part of the Seleucid portion of the Old Grecian Empire, and that there are seven of them left after the uprooting to give power in the end times to the fully risen Antichrist, all out of the Old Hashemite Kingdom.

Now there are 2 way of arriving at the total of eight that give their power to support the Little Horn in his conquest over those who would destroy the peace. One way is to omit Syria and Iraq, which were uprooted, and count in Southern Turkey and Western Iran. Or, count Syria and Iraq and leave out Turkey and Iran. One of those is the correct way to count them. I am not sure of which it is at present, but I think that if we use a bit of intuitive reasoning we can come close to how it might be.

The Nation of Israel would be in agreement with the uprooting, since it's part of their security to take out those nations that threaten the entire region's peace and security. They had recently confirmed a peace with the Little Horn, and at this point are still misled as to who he really is. The double cross will send them running!

I think the key is in the word "uprooted". To me that signifies that the government of those countries, rather than the entire country, is torn out by the roots, and replaced. That means that there is still the land and the populace. They are the "country", not the government. And the populace, after the uprooting of the government, and it's subsequent replacement by the "uprooter's" government, is sure to be in favor of that governments new policies, one way or the other. Thus, Syria and Iraq are counted, but Western Iran and Southern Turkey are not.

If that is not the case, then you cannot count the "uprooted", in which case you would count the Iran and Turkey, which were a part of the Seleucid Kingdom, and only a small part of the Old Hashemite Kingdom, which were all part of the Roman ruled portion of the Moslem Empire, but which were not part of the Conference. They did however issue their own communiqué about their resolve toward a peaceful settlement to the question.

If Israel, as a king at the meeting, and the "other" areas are included along with the "uprooted" territory, Syria and Iraq, then you have all ten nations from the Seleucid Portion of the Old Grecian Empire, and the Hashemite Kingdom that give him his power "for an hour".

Which ever way it is counted, it will mean little to us, the Church, as this all occurs long after we are in Heaven!

The thing we are trying to identify now is whether or not the meeting of the 10 kings of the end time from Daniel, are in fact the 10 Kings out of the Moslem Empire, that were once ruled by Rome in her day, who met at Sahram el Shief. If they are, then look now for the Little Horn that grows up among them, to start taking the reins and making moves that will get him elevated so he may be recognized.

I don't believe in COINCIDENCE! Especially when it was written down ahead of time!

Now I believe you can see why it important to develop the landscape of the end time. Because, by understanding what it's supposed to look like, it becomes much easier to identify the events on the present stage, when they are projected against the Biblical landscape of the end times.

It may not as yet be evident on which way the countries must be counted, but I believe it is very evident that we have reached another of the milestones of the flow of Biblical time in our day. Now, in real time, it seems to take an awfully long time to get anything done. But, we are dealing with humanity here. The Jews and Arabs are headed toward the prophesied peace of Daniel 9:27. We cannot escape that fact. Figuring it out and then seeing it happen in real time means that we have reached the time for it to happen, for it was sealed until it's time!

Jesus said that, "you can read the signs of the weather"! We have to continue to overlay the reality of history on to the landscape of the end times, and read the signs of His coming from it. That is what Watching is all about. First there must be understanding of the landscape, and a knowledge of the events that are prophesied.

Please study the prophecies and learn the landscape.

I hope this study has helped to de-mystify that landscape.

God bless.